HALIFAX Waterfront Winterfest 2010

La temperature n'y etait pas de la fete mais nous avons fini nos 2 sculptures.../ Mother nature wasn't the best but we finished it the best we could!

Sculpture inspiree par 2 dessins gagnants du concours / Sculpture inspired by 2 children's drawing..OLYMPIC FRIENDS

Nos 2 gagnantes du concours Heidi & Heidi, our 2 contest winners

2 jeunes artistes au travail / 2 young artists at work

Heidi & Heidi

Dessin de la gagnante Heidi Taylor winning drawing

2e dessin de l'autre artist Heidi / other winner's drawing

Le temps pour Tim Horton's coffee break

Kyle & Raymond

De la pluie tu penses?/ Rain and more rain...

Bishops Landing

Avec mon fils Kyle / Quality time with my son Kyle

Mon frere Charles au travail / Brother Charles at work

GO Raymond Nadeau!

Au dessus du bloc, c'est la planification / Planning on top off it all...

temps pluvieux / rainy weather

Le choix du President Choice!! Ohhhh! yeah...time for a quick dance!

On est content d'etre de la fete a Halifax / Getting excited to carve at the Halifax Waterfront Winterfest 2010

Une petit seance de patinage sur glace artificiel / A little practice run on artificial ice...mmmm?

Est-ce un cadeau? Is this a gift?


This snow sculpture’s titled BELIEVE, was inspired by three Olympic sport events.

With the Olympic relay torch and winter sports in mind;

  • the top of the monument represents the burning flame that was carried throughout our country
  • the Canadian Maple Leaf symbolizes our Canadian athletes
  • each cut out figures represents 3 different winter sports in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics
  • movements represents DREAM, BELIEVE and ACHIEVE

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